Special Education

The Special Education department supports students with special needs in our school. The Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) maintain, update and assist staff in the implementation of each student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).   Each semester, IEPs are reviewed and updated with student, staff and parent input.

More information about special education and placements can be accessed through the Halton District School Board's website.

Credit Earning Courses

Each GLE class is unique depending on the grade levels, timetables, and learning needs of the students in the class.  The class is differentiated based on students’ need. Each GLE class is taught by a Special Education teacher, most of whom are subject teachers elsewhere in the school.  The GLE teacher also co-ordinates with classroom teachers to support student needs throughout the semester, as well as communicating with home.  Any student with an IEP can take up to 4 credits of learning strategies support:  GLE101/201/301/401

GLE: General Learning Essentials

In this course, there is an emphasis on concrete instruction of learning skills that can benefit and be practiced in students’ other classes.  Topics include: self advocating, time management, note taking and notebooking, numeracy, literacy, study/test taking skills, research/presenting skills, assistive technology, social skills, organizational skills, self regulation skills, and transition skills.

Course Outline GLE1/201: Junior Learning Strategies


Course Outline GLE3/401: Senior Learning Strategies


Additional Supports

Students with IEP’s (Individual Education Plans) may use the resource room to write tests and assignments in a quieter environment, access assistive technology, access additional academic supports, and write exams.  

Useful Resource Connections

Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) https://rockonline.ca/

“multi-service organization providing services to children and youth from birth to 17 years of age and their families”.  

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario http://www.ldao.ca/ 

“LDAO offers many resources, services, information, venues and products designed to help people with LDs and ADHD, as well as parents, teachers, and other professionals”.

Autism Ontario www.autismontario.com

 “...source of information and referral on autism and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community. We are made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates who can speak to the key issues that impact Ontario individuals with autism and their families and loved ones”.

Transition Resource Guide is a one-stop for students with disabilities to be prepared for post-secondary school in Ontario http://www.transitionresourceguide.ca/

“Learn more about common concerns and struggles, documentation requirements, available support services, and more, as they relate to different disabilities.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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