Are you heading into the Workplace after High School?

A wide variety of careers require a high school diploma, followed by specific on-the-job training or entry-level positions from high school including: real estate agents, animal care workers, bank tellers, photographers, website designers and construction labourers. Some students who choose direct entry into work may later pursue apprenticeship, college and/or university. Several programs in Halton provide opportunities for students to meet initial requirements for entering specific industries, allowing them to make a successful transition from school to the workplace.

Consider direct entry into Work if:

You have developed practical workplace skills that have prepared you for a specific career without needing to pursue college, university, or an apprenticeship first.

You have been successful in workplace pathway courses and wish to explore workplace opportunities.

You want to gain workplace experience before continuing post-secondary education.

You have specific career goals in mind that allow you to go directly to the workplace for on-the-job training.

For more information on direct entry into Work, visit:

*HDSB Guide to Secondary School