ESL Program

Burlington Central High School offers English as a Second Language (ESL) programming for students at all STEP levels/stages of their language acquisition. English Language Learners will progress through ESL or ELD courses A, B, C, D and E and into mainstream English courses. In addition to language based courses ESL students are supported by subject specialist/ESL qualified teachers in the following subject-based courses adapted for English Language Learners; Integrated Arts, Exploring and Creating in the Arts, Introduction to Business, Geography of Canada, Canadian History, Presentation and Speaking Skills, Learning Strategies 1, Advanced Learning Strategies, Food and Culture, Introduction to Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, Science and more.

Ongoing support is provided for English Language Learners at all stages of their learning based on their individual need.

Types of support available:

  • Intensive support - For ELL students with beginner English skills or with limited education

  • Partial support - For ELL students who have basic English skills and a foundation level of literacy

  • Tutorial support - Students who are enrolled in a full program of mainstream courses may access tutorial support from an ESL or ELD resource teacher, Education Assistant, subject teacher, or peer tutors.