Technological Education

Our Technological Education Department recognizes that the once large gap between industry, technology and education has been steadily narrowing and the need for 21st century Canadian learners to adapt to this change has never been so important. Our engaging and ‘hands-on’ courses are geared to better prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by equipping them with the necessary skills of today. This means that our courses move beyond just teaching students how to work with technology and instead focus on the creation of technology and how to continually learn and adapt to this ever changing world. A student's ultimate future and prosperity will hinge on the innovative and creative skills honed in the Technological Education department. So why not get started on your future today?

Curriculum and Facilities:

  • state of the art manufacturing and design shop
  • Newly revamped Entertainment Technology Program
  • audio engineering and lighting
  • virtual reality and design
  • cross-curricular projects (e.g. physics students and rocket building).
  • robotics and automation
  • special effects and lasers
  • industry experts and guest speakers
  • SHSM, OYAP, CO-OP, Cisco Programs
  • networking and cabling