Law provides the framework for civil society. It pervades the everyday lives of all of us. Further, without laws, there is no order. It is significant, as well, that the law itself requires awareness of the rules: ignorance of the law by a person who commits an offence is not an excuse for committing that offence (Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46), s.19. The law courses at BCHS give students an opportunity to learn about the laws that apply to them, and, further, to raise and discuss questions about the concepts of justice that underlie current laws.

Students will be engaged in numerous in class and out of class activities, such as:

  • Legal heritage “survivor”
  • Charter challenges
  • Mock trials
  • Field trips (court house)
  • Guest speakers
  • Debates
  • Opinion speeches: rants about rights and limitations
  • Research about International legal issues