What is geography? It is the study of humans and the environment and the interaction between the two. However, geography is more than maps and locations, it can be looked at more meaningfully by asking “What is where, why is it there and, most importantly, why should we care?”

At Central the Grade 9, 11 and 12 geography courses provide students with opportunities to explore these three important questions as they investigate geographic issues in Canada.

An engaging analysis of issues and the relationships between people and their environment occurs daily in a multi-disciplinary way. Students will focus on exploration, experimentation, simulation, research and analysis with the goal of promoting stewardship and sustainability and ultimately answer the “why we should care question”.

In grade 9, students will examine issues relating to interactions between physical processes and people living in Canada; changing populations in this country; economic and environmental sustainability; and interconnections between Canada and the global community. In grade 11 and 12, students will further develop their skills in analyzing issues apply geographic thinking and inquiry skills to prepare them for college and or university.