Computer Science

Learning to code has quickly become a fundamental requirement in our society and is an invaluable skill that every student should strive to learn as part of their 21st century education. Computer science courses help prepare students to be active and informed contributors to our increasingly technological society whether they pursue careers in technology or not. At Central we know that students learn best when they are challenged and see ‘real-world’ relevance in what they are learning. Our computer courses allow students to be curious, solve relevant problems and express themselves creatively in a hands-on manner. The list below offers a list of areas and activities you might encounter during your time at Central that will require some aspects of coding. So why not sign-up for the computer programming and game design class today?

Activities/Courses and Departments where coding will help you out:

  • Game and App Design (Computer Science, Business)
  • Web design, HTML and CSS (Business and Tech)
  • Spreadsheet and Database Manipulation (Business, Tech, Math, Science, Geography)
  • Robotics (Computer Engineering, Science, Math)
  • Networking, Firewall and Wireless Routing Configuration (Computer Engineering)
  • Animation and Action Scripting (Media Arts, Comm Tech)
  • Facial Recognition Software and Security Design (Computer Engineering)
  • Virtual Reality Simulation Design (Computer Engineering)
  • Lighting and Audio Engineering (Drama, Music)
  • CNC Milling, 3-D Printing and CAD Design (Manufacturing)