Want to Know Who is Coming? 

(based on registrations as of March 16th, 2023)

(note: This is NOT a complete list of those coming to the reunion. This list is of those registrants that agreed to have their name and last year at Central posted on this page. If you have not registered yet please return to the registration page and click the registration button to buy tickets and get yourself added......time is running out and tickets will NOT be available at the door of any event!)

who is coming.pdf

Staff Attending

Adams, Tom

Arnold, Chris

Baxter, Matt

Bell, Marnie Maiden: Mac Gregor

Burns, Kent

Cahusac, Dean

Caldarelli, Ozzie

Caldwell, Cheryl Maiden: Fresco

Celi, Brenda

Court, Barbara Maiden: McCutcheon

Di Ianni, Larry

Earle, Jennifer

Edwards, Barb

Ford, Todd

Fothergill, Jim

Frith, Rod

Gerrie, Jo-Ellen

Goldblatt, Warren,

Hayward, Frederick H

Hayworth, Robert

Heffernan, Regan

Jacobs, Marie

Johnson, Keith

Johnston, Murray

Johnstone, Diane

Jones, Lynn Maiden: Gray

Laplante, Shayne

Lathe-Harris, Marilyn

Limin, Linda

MacPherson, Greg

McNiven, Carolyn

Millward, Bill

Olaski, Grace Maiden: Summerfield

Park, Marilyn

Parker, Dale

Peglar, Marji

Petrie, Bob

Pfeiffer, Kelli

Plant, Ross

Porecki, Barbara

Rainey, Angela Maiden: Nolan

Reed, Tedd

Richardson, Diane 

Robbins, Erin

Ruf, Terry

Russell, Ward

Schnurr, Jodie

Sharp, Charlie

Strachan, Bill

Sturk, Shelly Maiden: Brooks

Sury, Karel

Szumlanski, Stephanie Maiden: Bilyk

Tessler, Lois

Thomson Morton, Sherry

Watkins, Walter

Williams, Lucy

Wilson, Jennifer