Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

(we've compiled a list of questions that may help)

Who do I contact if I have a problem with registration or a reunion related question?

All questions can be emailed to the general reunion mailbox:

Someone will get back to you within 1-2 days to help your resolve your problem or with an answer to your question.

What is covered in my $20 registration fee?

The Registration Fee is compulsory and covers basic expenses: event insurance, printing, posters, postage, name tags and materials, etc. It also includes a beautiful complimentary 68-page Reunion Memory Book which will capture the history and a sampling of the events and faces of 100 years at Central – a real keepsake to peruse at your leisure.  (note: guests registering at the reduced rate will not receive a memory book)

Do I have to re-register (and pay another $20) just to add tickets to events?

No!  We have already had a number of people that registered and then realized they wanted to add tickets to an event that they had not initially selected. To add tickets you need to reach out to us using the general reunion mailbox:  We will respond with instructions and a link on how to add tickets without having to pay the $20 fee once again.

Where can I park during the weekend?

With several 1000 alumni returning to the downtown core you can expect parking to be an issue. We are encouraging all attendees to walk, bike, UBER, bus or take advantage of the many municipal lots and street parking in the area. This page (Parking Link) will identify all areas in the Burlington Core that offers municipal parking. Please note that ALL municipal by-laws will be enforced during the celebration and we don't want a parking ticket to spoil your fun! Please read and obey all posted signs.

Note about on-site parking:  Please be aware that during the 4 day celebration the east and west lot of Burlington Central School will be closed and used exclusively by event staff (including: Halton Police, Security and St. John’s Ambulance) and volunteers and participants for the Alumni Musical Performance (Friday Night/Saturday Matinee).  The driveways will be blocked with pylons and Marshalls will be in place to allow access for event staff and volunteers. Parking passes will be distributed ahead of time to expedite this process. Marshalls will direct any other visitor/attendee to the various municipal and metered parking locations in the core.

When and where do I receive my tickets and registration package?

All alumni that have registered will receive an email in the weeks leading up to June 1 - 4 that will provide specific details about where and when registration packages can be picked up along with event tickets. 

Can I find out who else has registered?

Each week we will be updating a .pdf document (Who is Coming?) on the website that will include a list of all alumni registrants that have agreed to let their name and last year at Central be shared. We hope this will help build excitement and anticipation for an amazing celebration.

If attending one of the Saturday Night Decade Events, do I have to attend the decade event based on the year I left Central?

No.  One person recently reached out and said that, although they actually graduated in 1980, most of their circle of friends graduated in 1979 and would be attending the 60/70's event and that they would prefer to join them. Alumni are free to pick the decade event that makes the most sense for them. 

note: purchasing a ticket to one decade event does NOT allow admission to another event.

What is included in my $45 Saturday Evening Decade Event ticket price?

Every decade event will be slightly different in its offering, but your ticket price at each event does include food and entertainment.

note: purchasing a ticket to one decade event does NOT allow admission to another event.