The Burlington Central 100th Anniversary Reunion

Legacy Fund Projects

All Legacy Projects are outlined below. We thank you for you donations and support.

Donation Help:

In addition to organizing and hosting Burlington Central’s 100th Anniversary Reunion, our Steering Committee, in co-operation with the current school staff, is putting in place the framework of the Burlington Central 100th Anniversary Reunion Legacy Fund.  Being created to honour and celebrate 100 years of excellence in education and student life, the Legacy Fund will allow the entire body of alumni and former staff members to make donations to support the educational and co-curricular experiences of current and future Burlington Central students. 


Close to 40 Burlington Central alumni and former staff members have been extremely generous in the support they have offered as sponsors of the Burlington Central 100th Anniversary Reunion.  Their philanthropy enables us to offer a first-class reunion experience at reasonable cost.  We ask now that you, in turn, consider making a donation to the 100th Anniversary Reunion Legacy Fund.


Following the guidelines of Halton District School Board fundraising policies which require funds be raised for specific projects, the Steering Committee, with input from the current Burlington Central staff, ask you to direct your donations to one or more of the following projects.  We hope that these projects give you the opportunity to support an aspect of the school that was meaningful to you during your time at Burlington Central.



Honouring Academic Success Project: 100th Anniversary Scholarship Fund

Funds will be used to establish scholarships and awards to commemorate Burlington Central’s 100th Anniversary.  Criteria, and number and value of awards will be determined by the Burlington Central Staff Awards Committee.  These awards will be presented to graduates at the annual Burlington Central Commencement exercises.


Athletics Project: Gym Scoreboard Replacement

The existing indoor scoreboard is over 20 years old and is showing its age.  It also does not have all the functions (eg. shot clock for basketball) required for Halton Secondary School Athletic Association play.   Both Grade 7 & 8 and high school athletes will benefit from its replacement.


Arts Projects: Stage Curtain Replacement

The red main drape in the auditorium has opened to showcase innumerable productions, concerts, and ceremonies over more than 55 years; it is now in need of replacement.  Burlington Central is so fortunate to have a fixed-seat auditorium in which to highlight its first-class theatre and music programs.  Following the replacement of the seats a decade ago, a new curtain will continue to maintain the appearance and function of the Helen Zdriluk Memorial Theatre.

Technology Project: Lathe Mini Cluster

The introduction of a lathe mini cluster (6 lathes) will allow a new integration of skills, knowledge, and exposure for Burlington Central’s grade 7, 8 and 9 Technology students.  The intermediate classes currently have limited opportunities to work on industry-level equipment. The addition of the lathes will allow the development of hands-on projects that will foster skills students will carry forward to support advanced and integrated projects.


School Beautification Projects

Keeping up the appearance of a building parts of which are 100 years old is an ongoing task.  Funds will be used to support several projects such as an art installation, art murals and outdoor enhancements.  Such initiatives will contribute to maintaining a positive learning environment in Burlington Central’s Grade 7-Graduation facility and will also focus on highlighting student work.


If donations exceed the cost of a Legacy Fund project, they will be directed toward another project in that area.  For example, if donations exceed the cost of the gym scoreboard replacement, they will be directed toward another Athletics project.


Charitable donation receipts will be issued for all donations.