Community Involvement (Volunteer) Hours

When can you start?
You can start accumulating your hours in the summer before grade 9.

What do you need to know before you start?
Activities that ARE ELIGIBLE are ones that:
Are of benefit to the community
Support a not-for-profit agency, institution or foundation that conforms to the ethical standards of Halton DSB and the Ministry of Education
Promote tutoring, mentoring, visiting or coaching
Support ethical work of a global nature
Promote positive environmental awareness
Support clubs, religious groups, arts or cultural associations, or political organizations that seek to make a positive & ethical contribution in the community.

Activities that are NOT ELIGIBLE include:
activities completed during your regular class time
acitivities that are required as part of one of your courses
duties that would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace
duties normally performed in the home or personal recreation activities
work that provides direct financial gain to the student, or the student's immediate family

If you have any questions about whether or not your intended activity is eligible, come see Mrs.Victorino or Ms.Robbins in Student Services BEFORE you start!!!

Community Involvement hours are intended to recognize how students contribute to the betterment of their community (Burlington, Ontario, Canada and beyond).
It is the student's responsibility to record and report their hours!!!

How do you record & report your hours?
You can print the following attachment, complete it, and then have it signed by the community sponsor to record your hours. Or, you can provide a letter from the organization stating the number of hours you volunteered. Once you have these documents completed, please bring them to Mrs. Wickens in Student services to be recorded. Submit your hours as you complete them - no need to wait until the last minute!!!

Community Service Hours Record Sheet

So how do you get it done?
Fundraising - includes canvassing, walk-a-thons, celebrity games, gift wrapping, gala events, and sales for charitable purpose
Sports/Recreation - includes coaching, helping to organize winter carnivals, parades and summer fairs
Community Events - includes helping to organize special meets and games, and volunteering as a leisure buddy or pool assistant
Community Projects - includes participating in organized food drives, or support services for community groups
Environmental Projects - includes participating in community clean-ups, flower/tree planting, recycling and general beautification projects and activities
Volunteer Work with Seniors - includes assisting at seniors’ residences (e.g. serving snacks, helping with activities or portering, or participating in visiting and reading programs)
Committee Work - includes participation on advisory boards, neighbourhood associations and regional associations
Religious Activities - includes participation as a volunteer in programs for children, child minding, Sunday School assistance, special events and clerical tasks
Youth Programs - includes volunteer assistance with the operation of youth programs such as 4H, Scouts, Guides, drop-in centres, breakfast programs, March Break programs, Leaders in Training, summer playground activities and camps
Office/Clerical Work - includes volunteer activity in reception, computer work and mailings for individuals or groups providing charitable or general community benefit
Work with Animals - includes volunteer involvement with animal care, horseback riding programs, or volunteer assistance at a local zoo or petting farm
Arts and Culture - includes volunteer assistance at a gallery, performing arts production or program, or in a community library program
Activities for Individuals - includes any volunteer activity that assists someone who requires assistance for shopping, tutoring, light snow removal (no use of snow blower), housekeeping, writing letters or transcribing, or involves;~hospital visitation, voluntary involvement with chronic care, or service as a volunteer reading buddy
School Community Service - may include service within the school community that provides benefit to others that takes place outside the regular school day (the school Principal must approve these school-based activities in advance) 

Helpful Websites
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