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Semester 2 Full Disclosure is Thursday, May 4th.

posted May 1, 2017, 5:47 PM by Jennifer Malley Victorino

What is full disclosure?
Full-disclosure is a date set by the Ministry of Education that determines the final date by which a course can be dropped and not appear on a student's transcript.  Courses dropped prior to the full-disclosure date are marked as a deletion when reported to the Ontario colleges & universities, whereas courses dropped after full disclosure are marked as a "withdrawal". Withdrawn courses will include a mark at the time the course was withdrawn.  Deleted courses do not remain on a student's transcript.  

The intention of the full disclosure date is to allow all students/families, not just those in grade 12 applying to post-secondary schools, an appropriate period of time to reflect on midterm achievement prior to making a decision about dropping a course from the permanent record.

Please contact Student Services if you have any questions (905) 634-7768 x229.